Birth Support

Utah Valley Doulas – For your customized support through every breath, every contraction, and every tear of joy.

You’re having a baby! You have all of “the things” in place:
A competent medical provider who you trust and appreciate.
A list of what to pack in your hospital bag.
A nursery fully stocked with diapers and baby essentials.

But, you want something more.

You want a level of support that most do without.
You want a birth experience that is without fear.
You want to feel empowered as you welcome your baby.
You want the level of support and care that only another woman can provide.

You want a Utah Valley Doula. And we want to be there for you!

When you contact Utah Valley Doulas, we’ll start with a comprehensive intake call. We will learn a bit about you, and you will have a clear picture of how our support can benefit you throughout the remainder of your pregnancy and during your labor and birth.

Next, we will schedule a consultation. We can do this either in-person or via Zoom, whichever you prefer. The purpose of this meeting is for us to connect and see if we are the right doulas for you. Your intuition will guide you on this, and we encourage you to trust it!

Once you decide to contract our services, our support begins immediately!

You can expect the following:

  • On call support 24 hours a day
  • Two private prenatal visits to discuss your wishes for your birth and how we can best support you
  • Unlimited phone calls and texts during times of question or uncertainty
  • Responsive email communication for all things, including resources and referrals
  • In-person and hands-on physical, emotional, and educational support throughout labor and birth. This support includes:
    • Breathing techniques for relaxation
    • Positional recommendations to assist you in labor progression
    • Comforting massage to enable a higher level of relaxation
    • Pain relieving pressure and counter pressure during each contraction
    • A comprehensive understanding of the changing emotions associated with labor
    • Real-time support during the first hour of your baby’s life

Post-birth, we will meet again. We call this the postpartum follow-up visit. This appointment will be up to an hour and a half in length and will take place in the comfort of your home. We will discuss how you are feeling, and we will assist you in creating and implementing daily and nightly newborn care strategies.

Contact us today to begin the process of Utah Valley Doulas providing you the level of birth support that you crave!