Postpartum Doula Support

The immediate postpartum period is arguably one of the most difficult adjustment periods of parenthood. Between the lack of sleep and the new tiny human(s) in your life that need constant care, the first few weeks or months after birth can be utterly exhausting; not to mention all of the hormone changes that frequently causeContinue reading “Postpartum Doula Support”

Breastfeeding Challenges

Breastfeeding, while seemingly normal and natural, can certainly come with some challenges. Wouldn’t it be nice if people talked more about the struggles associated with nursing their baby instead of painting a picture of ease and comfort? The most difficult parts of breastfeeding can be getting a successful latch, cluster feeding, finding a comfortable position,Continue reading “Breastfeeding Challenges”

In-Home Placenta Encapsulation

You’re expecting the birth of your baby (or babies) in the coming months or weeks and you’ve been exploring the option of placenta encapsulation. After hours of research and reading about the experiences of others who have chosen to do this, you’re now sure that you want to have your placenta encapsulated. You know thatContinue reading “In-Home Placenta Encapsulation”