In-Home Placenta Encapsulation

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In-Home Placenta Encapsulation

You’re expecting the birth of your baby (or babies) in the coming months or weeks and you’ve been exploring the option of placenta encapsulation. After hours of research and reading about the experiences of others who have chosen to do this, you’re now sure that you want to have your placenta encapsulated. You know that the next step is finding someone who can encapsulate it for you. You discover in your search that the majority of placenta encapsulation specialists will pick up and drop off your placenta to you. That sounds really convenient. The idea of not having to mess with the placenta at all and just handing it off to someone else to take care of actually sounds really nice. But then, as you continue discovering different placenta encapsulation specialists in your area, you find that some will actually perform in-home placenta encapsulation.

Your first reaction: Ew. Why would I want the placenta to be brought to and handled in MY home? In-home placenta encapsulation sounds messy.

You’re not the first one nor will you be the last one to react this way. When we found out that the organization that we wanted our placenta specialists to certify with required placenta specialists to encapsulate in the client’s home, we were admittedly a little leery. Our initial concerns were, of course, the client’s reaction to this idea, as well as the inconvenience it might cause our placenta specialists. So, before we ever signed up for the certification, we wanted to learn the reasons behind this requirement.

Ironically, though, the more we learned about the placenta encapsulation process, the more we could never imagine doing it anywhere other than in the client’s own home.

Let us tell you why.

Reason 1: Through in-home placenta encapsulation, your placenta never leaves your possession.

While we can never imagine any placenta specialist purposefully interchanging or “mixing up” placentas, there is a lot of comfort that comes from knowing with a certainty that your placenta has never been out of your possession, and therefore, your placenta capsules are without a doubt made from your own placenta.

Reason 2: You are able to be sure that the highest sanitation and safety standards are being upheld throughout the entire encapsulation process.

In order for placenta capsules to be safe to consume, proper sanitation, cleanliness, and safety methods must be utilized throughout the process, and having this be done within your own home allows you to be sure that they have been.

Reason 3: Your placenta’s exposure to outside bacteria will be substantially minimized.

Just like with anything else, the higher the number of different locations in which the placenta is stored, transported, or processed will inevitably cause an increase of opportunities for foreign bacteria to be introduced into the placenta. By cutting out the middle man and keeping the placenta only with you, the client, those opportunities will be decreased immensely.

Reason 4: You will have a certified postpartum doula in your home for 3-4 hours total throughout the encapsulation process.

At Utah Valley Doulas, our placenta specialists are also certified postpartum doulas. This means that you will have access to the doula’s knowledge bank and support while they are in your home.

Reason 5: Your kitchen will be at its cleanest ever when the encapsulation process is complete.

The placenta specialist who comes to your home to complete the encapsulation will be sure to leave the space they used during the process cleaner than they found it. This can be an especially nice benefit when you are newly postpartum and the last thing on your mind is cleaning your kitchen!

At Utah Valley Doulas, we take pride in the fact that our clients’ safety and best interests always come first. That’s why we will never encapsulate a placenta in any location other than the home of the person who that placenta belongs to. If you are in the Salt Lake County or Utah County areas and would like to talk more about our placenta encapsulation services, please don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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