Postpartum and Infant Care Support

There is no greater gift a woman can give herself after giving birth than the nurturing support of a Utah Valley Doula.

Our comprehensive care and support comes to you free of bias and with a deep desire to see you, hear you, and assist you in achieving all of your parenting goals. Let’s face it, newborns can be tricky. And while feeding them is seemingly natural, it doesn’t mean there won’t be any bumps in the road.

Our question for you is…why struggle? Support is only a phone call away!

Maybe you’re not sure how we can help.

Maybe asking for help is difficult.

Maybe you think your friends or family will shame you for seeking the help of an expert.

All of these are valid reasons why (unfortunately) newly postpartum moms don’t get the help that they need.

But you, you’re different! You’re here, and that speaks volumes about you. Family matters to you, and how you function while growing yours matters to you, too!

Postpartum & Infant Care Doula support is an all-encompassing, hands-on approach to meeting the needs of mothers and their babies, thus ensuring an easier transition and a more blissful recovery.

When you engage the Postpartum & Infant Care doula services of Utah Valley Doulas, your expectations should include impeccable communication, accountability, and professionalism.

We invite you to say YES to yourself!

Say yes to hands-on, real time support!

Say yes to infant feeding assistance!

Say yes to extra rest!

Say yes to healthful nutrition and hydration!

Say yes to understanding and compassion!

Say yes to a peaceful postpartum recovery!

Say yes to hiring a Postpartum and Infant Care doula from Utah Valley Doulas!

Our professional doulas are available during the day for a minimum of 5 consecutive hours and overnight for a minimum of 8 consecutive hours.

Contact us today to discuss a postpartum care package that suits your individual needs.